Friday, September 11, 2009

A Day of Remembrance….

File:National Park Service 9-11 Statue of Liberty and WTC fire.jpg

(picture courtesy of Wikipedia)

Today, let us remember the tragedy that rocked our nation; the lives that were lost as well as those that were shattered, and our brave men and women, along with their families, who so valiantly and dutifully serve our country.

Let us come together once again, as we did in those days, weeks and months that followed, in a show of unity and patriotism.  For we are not Republicans or Democrats, liberals or conservatives.  We are citizens of these great United States of America!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

So Wrong!

No matter your opinion or passions, while attending a public engagement in which one’s own boss is speaking, one should never publicly (and loudly) criticize him/her.  Doesn’t matter if you are a laborer or an elected official, it is just wrong and disrespectful.

When Rep. Joe Wilson shot off his mouth last night while his boss, his Commander-in-Chief, the President of the United States, was speaking, he may also have shot off his own foot.

Way to go, Joe.  South Carolina must be so proud.

Kudos to Senator John McCain for speaking out against such disrespectful, despicable behavior.